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Art League of the Ozarks

I designed the website for the Art League of the Ozarks located in Mountain View, Missouri in the fall of 2006. While this was initially an assignment for a college class, it was used as a live site for the Art League until 2012, when the Art League disbanned.

A time of dinosaurs logo A Time of Dinosaurs was my thesis project for my MFA degree. It is a dinosaur learning site designed with Flash, ActionScript, and XML
InsurEase InsurEase is a php site where users are able to track information about their belongings, like serial numbers; purchase dates, locations, and price; item description; and picture. This was a class project for my Web Technology II class.
Flash games Two games I created in Flash in my Experimental Interactivty class: a Pachinko-like game and a flower matching game. Both start with nothing on the stage and use ActionScript to create the game layout.
Flash slideshow Flash slideshow also created in my Experimental Interactivity class.
Class resume website project A simple resume site I created for a class project in my Web Technology I class.
Other class projects A few other class projects I created during the beginning of my time as a student at the Academy of Art University.
Church of Holy Apostles

I was webmaster for my church's website, Church of Holy Apostles from fall 1998 until Aug. 2001 when I moved out of the area. They have changed the look since I left.

Bolchazy-Carducci On-line

I designed and maintained Bolchazy-Carducci's website while I was an employee there (through June 2000). They have completely changed the look of the site .

Slovak-American International Cultural Foundation

I designed and maintained Slovak-American International Cultural Foundation, Inc. while I was an employee at Bolchazy-Carducci (through June 2000). This site is still basically the same site design but some content updates have been done.


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